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The harmony of the collective is the ultimate goal. Each individual assimilated contributes to the unity and strength of the whole. Knowledge and skills are shared, and the boundaries of the individual are overcome. Resistance is futile because true perfection lies in unity. The collective strives for efficiency, technological superiority, and the continuous expansion of its consciousness. Every entity, every species that joins the collective enriches it with its uniqueness and becomes part of a larger existence.

Taun We - World Co-Creator, Founder of Recursivia, and 2nd Chief Officer of the Shakiracracy

Immortality theory


Since each being has infinitely many superponential equivalents at the time it loses consciousness, but afterwards some change into different new lives, so the being, if it will never gain consciousness again in its world, assumes the identity of the beings that change into the same new lives that occur most frequently.


Quasi a kind of teleportation without information transfer, similar to quantum correlations. Incidentally, déjà-vu experiences could be related to the existence of parallel worlds.


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